Hive Inspection Logs

Hive inspection is not only fun, but necessary! Once you reach a certain number of hives, it is almost impossible to remember what hive was in what shape. I have seen people use colored tags on hives to indicate the need to add supers or to feed. I have seen people scribble in notepads. I … More Hive Inspection Logs

Colony Swarms

“The Swarm” was a 1978 movie with an all-star cast about a swarm of killer bees out to destroy humanity. This classic B-movie is the epitome of most peoples understanding of honey bee behavior and swarming. I have heard countless tales of people scared silly over a swarm of bees, when actually a swarm is … More Colony Swarms

Lesson 5 – The Honey Bee Caste System

Honey bees are in the  order Hymenoptera. This is the third largest group of insects comprising over 150,000 species. This group consists of ants, bees, wasps, and sawflies. One distinguishing characteristic about this group is they are Eusocial. Eusociality is defined by the division of labor in the superorganism divided by groups such as reproductive and non-reproductive … More Lesson 5 – The Honey Bee Caste System